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Server News

24-hr Server Maintenance

[Owner] donnie8986 aStaffVoted posted Mon at 0:08
Hello CC players, 

Just a heads up that we are conducting a scheduled server maintenance within the next 24-hours. New features will be added along with certain plugins being cleaned up. Thank you for playing on CC and sorry if there is any inconvenience. 

[Admin] corybourne StaffVoted CreeperCraft main is Online again.
[VIP-1] CommanderOx Donor potato pancake
Hello CC players, 

Please watch the latest video to find out what Creepercraft will do about the Mojang EULA issue and other server topics. Thanks for continuing to support us! 

*** Summer Sale 25% OFF, code: SUMMER 
[Member] Superhero1104 So That EULA IS A JERK
[VIP-8] johnnymeboy Donor Can i have my commands back??
[VIP-1] CommanderOx Donor did a bunch of math but found out what you should do: ...

Small bit of downtime

[Dev] 1285done aStaffDonor posted Jun 6, 14
Hey guys, sorry for the small bit of downtime at the moment, I'm cleaning up a few things and making the server much better for everyone in the long run. Should be up later tonight or tommorow.

EDIT: Its up

Sorry for any inconvenience,
Hey CC players! 

We have some exciting news to announce: Creepercraft will be expanding to accommodate a Hardcore server! This hardcore server will be considerably different from the main server being as a death ban will be in place each time you die (the times will vary). Moreover the server is very basic, with little plugins. We hope to have to server up and running before the start of Summer 2014. For more information on the new server, stay tuned for updates! 


Happy Birthday CC!

[Owner] donnie8986 aStaffVoted posted Apr 23, 14
Hello everyone! 

Today is an exciting day for Creepercraft- we have been a Minecraft server for officially two years! To celebrate this special occasion we are having a 50% OFF sale throughout this week! Moreover i'd also like to announce that we are officially adding three new donor ranks. They will be earned by donation status and only serve as a name plate. Get the rank you've always wanted while also supporting CC! 

                         Happy Birthday Creepercraft!!!

***Visit our player shop to get 50% off

[Trust] DeathDemon568752 What are the new ranks going to be?
[VIP-4] Olive48 Donor What are the ranks?
[Trust] DeathDemon568752 You guys are so awesome!
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