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Server News


[Owner] donnie8986 aStaffStaffVoted posted Oct 3, 14
Hello Players, 

If you still use this website to visit Creepercraftmc's website, PLEASE NO LONGER DO SO! visit for our NEW website. Moreover, switch your CC ip to:


Hey all! 

I know most of you don't have time to read the wall of text I recently posted, so I decided to make a video explaining some of the questions you all have. Enjoy! 

Creepercraft Status and Future...

[Owner] donnie8986 aStaffStaffVoted posted Sep 22, 14

Creepercraft Status and Future...

Hey all, it's Donnie! You've all probably been wondering what's up with the server recently. Unfortunately, the server was griefed by some troubled players. However we are repairing the damages along with restoring the server to its former glory! Here are some answered questions in regards to the state of Creepercraft: 

1.) What happened?! Who griefed the server and why?! 

Well, I came on the server preparing to build on our secret new map. I checked my Skype and found that one of our trusted builders had deceived the server and ultimately destroyed many buildings we had worked tirelessly on. I will not name the parties involved, however I will say that I am utterly ashamed and embarrassed for them. There was no need for this type of thing to happen. Anyhow, the server is on its way to being repaired and we will certainly not miss these players. 

2.) I thought once 1.8 was out we would reset the maps?

1.8 is very exciting Minecraft update. While we would like to have you all playing the newest version of Minecraft on the server, but complications have arisen. Craftbukkit has recently had a couple of ownership changes and this has halted the arrival of the new Craftbukkit. It is most likely positive that Craftbukkit will not be available for 1.8 any time soon. Therefore we have decided to reset main world, the nether, and the end for the meantime. If there are any questions regarding server resets, feel free to post down below!

3.) Why are VIP ranks being constantly changed? Will they stay as VIP and VIP+?

Many of you joined Creepercraft around the beginning of the servers start. There were eight ranks ranging from Supporter to God. The majority of the ranks obtained commands such as game mode, god mode, fly, and world edit. When I took over the server around December 2013, I decided that the ranks were far too unfair in regards to regular ranks. Many players were upset with these changes and thus resulted in a massive shift in player count. However, towards the beginning of this year, Mojang decided to enforce their EULA policy. In regards to this policy, no Minecraft server could sell virtual currency, in-game items, or Minecraft commands for hard-money (real money). Luckily for CC, we had slowly transitioned to this point. Currently, we have two ranks: VIP (ranks 1-4) and VIP+ (rank 5-8). If you were previously VIP-1 to VIP-4, you are now [VIP]; If you were VIP-5 through VIP-8, you are now [VIP+]. I am pretty content with the current ranks and what they offer, so i'm not expecting another major change to ranks anytime soon. 

4.) Now that you can't sell commands, what other offers will there be? 

Not to worry! We are working on adding new lobby pets and vanity items to the store. If you have any ideas of what to add, please leave a suggestion comment down below! 

5.) Can't commands still be offered if they're available to everyone? 

This is a tricky one. While we are allowed to give commands out to players, we are not going to add the commands to premium ranks. For example, we will sell /fly in the donor shop in exchange for voting points, however we cannot add the command in any premium packages as to accommodate the reestablished EULA policy. Once again, any comments or question concerning the new rank system is highly encouraged. 

6.) Will the server shut down any time soon? 

Short answer: No. If anything, I will downgrade the server until I can no longer afford it. My mission was never to earn money off of this server; it is simply to establish a place where players can interact with each other while building and having fun with our game modes. I love having the server, mainly because I love interacting with you all and playing around. I will keep the server up until I can no longer. I care about all the players that have virtually stepped onto the server and especially those who have been with the server for years and have been a loyal player. 

*****Thank you to all who have read this important P.S.A. I haven't been able to get on the server  in a while but I am going to make more time for it now. I would like to thank all staff members for continually helping the server become a healthy and happy place to play. Most importantly, I would like to thank all of the players who continually spend their day with us and continue to do so. Please leave any questions comments or concerns down below and I will answer them accordingly.


PLOT TWIST: 1285done has something to say!

Hi, read the stuff above before getting hype.

We are making a HUGE gamemode, with lots of awesome feature in it. We have a dedicated team of 4 people working their butts of for this. So now you may be wondering: What is this gamemode, why are you making it, and what will it be?

The gamemode is a MMORPG gamemode with cool stuff and such.

Why are we making it? There is a major decline in player counts these last few months and both me and donnie decided its time to put my coding skills to the test. Now, before any of you ask when its coming out, there are major things that still need to be decided, builds to be built, code to be coded, and stuff to be stuffed.

You may now be wondering how you can help. As of now, we aren't accepting any builds for this gamemode, but you can help by supporting the server by donating and voting and such. (Voting is really helpful, and the adfly links help the server!). If we have any things we want to be built that we think the community can do, we will mention it. Speaking of community, we are moving to our new site really soon, but that deserves a whole new post.

What will be in the gamemode? Thats a secret.

The big question here is: Should you get hype?

Yes. Yes you should.

(More updates whenever I get a chance on the new site)

Extreme twist: Creator makes an input

Following on from what Done kindly applied to Donnie's somewhat disconcerting explanation of recent events.

I've taken on a massive part of this marvellous project, and already can assure a greatness about it. By the time this is completed, I can almost guarantee an increase in player base, so prepare to spam your welcomes ^-^

Again, making attempts to keep information relatively quiet, I can simply say that this is certainly something to get excited about, a new world, a new form of gameplay and, as previously stated, we're going to work Done like a pack-mule. 

Repairs are coming along well for Creepercraft, along with a few improvements. 

As always, wishing you wonderful players all the best, 


1.8 Update and what's to come!

[Owner] donnie8986 aStaffStaffVoted posted Aug 27, 14
Hello CC players! 

As the summer comes to an end I would like to thank those of you who have spent your time with us during it. We appreciate every player that joins us, even if its just for an hour. As most of you may be aware of, the Minecraft 1.8 update is coming out within the coming weeks. This is very exciting new for us on Creepercraft because we have planned an interesting couple of weeks for you all. Here is the schedule: 

*August 23rd- Griefing enabled
*August 25th- Pvp enabled
* TBA- Creative mode will be enabled! 
***TBA- Server reset; all worlds (some exceptions) and inventories will reset to welcome the new update. 

As we near the dates mentioned above, please remember to act mature, be respectful, and most importantly to have fun! We take great pride here on CC to ensure that our players have the best time possible on the server. 

On another note, we have a major project planned for the server.  I will discuss it much later as we near the alpha release. For the mean time, please be sure to vote our server lists on the left-hand side. Once again, thank you for playing on Creepercraft and we hope you continue to do so! 

*Check out our new website! 
*Be sure to connect to

Creepercraft Server Maintenance

[Owner] donnie8986 aStaffStaffVoted posted Aug 6, 14
Hello all, 

Sorry about the inconvenience, but we are experiencing some technical difficultly and are taking this time to adjust things on the server. Moreover, we have detected some corrupted chunks and therefore are clearing all worlds unfortunately. This is NOT the 1st world reset as we have one coming for the 1.8 update. Once again we apologize for any inconvenience this has resulted in. 


*** Summer Sale Coupon: SUMMER
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